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Midtown Park|500,000 SF | Wilmington, DE Project Info | Share +

Midtown Park is an urban mixed-use residential complex planned to be constructed on the site of a former two level parking structure of the same name in Wilmington, Delaware. Located only a few blocks from the Center City Business District, the developer for this project has partnered with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the Parking Authority of Wilmington, in an effort to help fulfill a broader urban initiative focused on revitalizing downtown Wilmington.

The new complex will consist of two buildings, one a four level structure with a five level parking garage below grade, and the other, a nine level tower. The buildings are linked by an enclosed pedestrian bridge at the second level. In response to the urban context, and important to the design, is the creation of a new pedestrian friendly street (Burton Place) between the two buildings to be used as an area for block parties, markets, and other neighborhood events.

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